The 10.1 inch Pandigital digital photo frame is an unobtrusive stylish black frame, with two interchangeable mats, designed to fit into any home.  It displays thousands of images, about 2,500, in enjoyable slideshows and helps you get your precious memories out of your camera and into your living room.   It's very easy to set up and operate.

pandigital digital photo framePandigital digital photo frame

Model: Pandigital PanImage PI1003DWpandigital digital photo frame
Resolution: 800 x 480
Internal Memory: 512 MB
Image Transfer: SD, xD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, mini-USB->Frame (not included)
Formats: Aspect Ratio 16:10, JPEG
Extras: Remote Control, Programmable on/off, Clock/Calendar overlay

10.1 Inch Pandigital Digital Photo Frame | Best In Class

With clear picture quality, this Pandigital digital photo frame makes excellent use of available resolution using a widescreen format to show your photos at their best.  All features are accessible using the on-frame controls, or by using the included remote control. The remote magnetically attaches to the frame, so you'll never lose it. 

pandigital digital photo framePandigital digital photo frame

The frame preserves the original aspect ratio of your photo to avoid distortion, and keep proper scale, when resizing the photo to maximize use of the display area.  Alternatively, photo cropping can be used to fill the entire screen.

Clock and calendar available.  Schedule the frame to turn on and off at preset times.  Customize a startup screen for special occaisions or when giving as a gift.

Over seventy five percent of Amazon's reviewers of the Pandigital digital photo frame awarded 4 stars or better.

10.1 Inch Pandigital Digital Photo Frame | Downsides

Resolution is on the low side for a frame of this size.

Remote control feels cheaply made, and is not very responsive.  Sometimes you'll have to hit a button more than once to get a response from the frame.

Without a mini-USB cable, there is no way to connect to a PC.  Cable not included.

User interface is cumbersome and not intuitive.

10.1 Inch Pandigital Digital Photo Frame | Summary

This Pandigital digital photo frame hits the low side on technical specifications when compared to other frames in this class.  Especially notable is the low 800×480 screen resolution.  Overwhelmingly, positive reviewers ended the sentence with, " . . . for the money."  It's true.  It does have nice features for the money.

Since the price point is the dominant  feature in the minds of many of the reviewers, it is fair to compare it to ViewSonic's 10.2" Digital Photo Frame, which is marginally larger, has a much higher resolution, and has a comparable price point.

Do be aware the ViewSonic falls down in the area of image distortion when resizing photos having aspect ratios different than the widescreen frame.  That can be a show-stopper depending on the format of your photo collection.

Flexible resize capability is where this Pandigital digital picture frame excels.  Its superior imaging software retains the photo's original aspect ratio, keeping your subjects in proper perspective when resizing photos.

If your photos are already in a widescreen format, and already match the display resolution, or if you don't mind photo editing them before loading them into your frame, you should take a closer look at the ViewSonic 10.2” digital photo frame's higher resolution.

Excellent on board software goes a long way in overcoming the low resolution of this Pandigital digital photo frame.  If your photos are not already in a widescreen format, and you want a frame that resizes them well, you'll be happier with the superior photo resizing capabilities of this Pandigital digital photo frame.

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