ViewSonic's 10.2” digital photo frame envelops your fondest memories in authentic ebony.   Ebony wood enhances anything it frames.  With contemporary styling, this 10.2” digital photo frame imparts quiet grace to your treasured photos.  Set the mood of your viewing experience with adjustable contrast and brightness using the included remote control.

10.2 digital photo frame10.2 digital photo frame
Model: ViewSonic VFD1027w-1110.2 digital photo frame Resolution: 1024 x 600 Internal Memory: 128 MB Image Transfer: SD, MS, MS Pro, SDHC, MMC, USB Host and Slave Formats: Aspect Ratio 16:9, JPEG Extras: Adjustable Brightness and Contrast, Remote Control, Calendar, Clock, Energy Saving, and Auto-On/Off

10.2” Digital Photo Frame | Best In Class

This 10.2” digital photo frame sports an ultra high resolution for a frame in this class.  It displays photos with crystalline definition and sharpness.   The frame is large enough to view photos from a distance.  It delivers a crisply detailed veiwing experience; stunningly striking even at close range.

10.2 digital photo frame10.2 digital photo frame

The drag and drop interface for transfering photos is intuitive and easy to use.   Choose from a variety of transition effects and timings for slideshow.

Single photo view supports image zoom with remote.  It views well at extreme angles from both sides, and from above.  Clock and calendar keeps you running on time.  Displays images from internal memory, or directly from a flash drive.

Over seventy percent of Amazon's reviewers of the VeiwSonic 10.2” digital photo frame awarded 4 stars or better.

10.2” Digital Photo Frame | Downsides

128MB internal memory is on the small side.  Only enough for 40 – 100 high definition photos,
depending on size.

Very narrow viewing angle from below.  Position the frame near eye level, or lower, for best viewing.

The frame is intolerant of photos with a different resolution or aspect ratio.  It was critically panned by many reviewers for bad cropping and resizing distortions.  Works beautifully for photos that are already 1024×600, or very close.  However, if your collection has a different format, you can't rely on the frame to make appealing adjustments.  You should plan on batch resizing your photos to 1024×600 before displaying them on this photo frame.

10.2” Digital Photo Frame | Summary

The beautiful display, and the ebony frame were the obvious focus of the designers.  Clearly not well thought out was the programming of key features.

Still, the price point is lower than some 8 inch frames.  If you're willing to edit your photos, the quality built into the display, and the stunningly beautiful rendering of a properly sized photo will be a satisfying reward.  For the price, it's especially hard to pass on this gorgeous 10.2” digital photo frame.

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