Kodak's 10.4” digital photo frame shines brilliantly with crisp and vibrant picture quality.  It views very well at an angle, and it's extremely simple to set up using intuitive on-frame controls.  It mounts on a wall or stands on a table.

10.4 digital photo frame10.4 Inch Digital Photo Frame

Model:Kodak EasyShare D1025
10.4 digital photo frame
Resolution: 800 x 600
Internal Memory: 512 MB
Image Transfer: SD, SDHC, MMC, MS, MS PRO, MS PRO DUO, xD, USB flash drive
Formats: Aspect Ratio 4:3, JPEG, EXIF
Extras: AC or Battery Powered

10.4” Digital Photo Frame | Best In Class

The large internal storage (512MB) of this 10.4” digital photo frame holds about 4,000 photos.  Insert a memory card and transfer all photos with a press of a button, or transfer only your selected photos.  Optionally runs off a plug-in memory card without transfering the photos to internal storage at all.  Automatically resizes photos to fit this 10.4” digital photo frame's display.

10.4 Inch Digital Photo Frame Is Removable10.4 digital photo frame

Choose one of three time interval / transition effect settings: 5 seconds with fade-in/fade-out, 10 seconds with pan-and-scan, or 60 seconds with push-across.  Watch slideshow in chronological order, as organized on your flash drive, or let the frame decide the shuffle order.

Display unit is removable from the frame.  Easily remount it into most standard (non-digital) 8 x 10 picture frames to personalize its style, and match the decor of your home. 

Over ninety percent of Amazon's reviewers of the Kodak 10.4” digital photo frame awarded 5 stars.  The single harshest reviewer awarded 4 stars. .

10.4” Digital Photo Frame | Downsides

No remote.

Starting a slide show from anywhere except the very begining requires manually pressing an on-frame button, once per each photo, to get to the point you want to start the slideshow.  Not practical for large collections of photos.

Limited and inflexible combinations of choices (there are only 3 choices) for timing interval / transition effect settings.

10.4” Digital Photo Frame | Summary

If you appreciate well designed simplicity over lots of different options, or you want a gift for someone to load their own photos into, this is the frame for you. It can optionally run off a 5V battery, so you can pre-load it with photos before wrapping it up.

If you like lots of bells and whistles, you might be hard-pressed to find more than a whistle or two.  You'll be happier giving a pass to this simple 10.4” digital photo frame.

Are you seeking a gift idea for someone who doesn’t live with you? Is it someone who wants to stay up-to-date on your latest photos (parents, grandparents, or spouse overseas, for instance)? If the idea of a 10.4” digital photo frame that lets you load photos into it after you give it as a gift, and lets you do it from anywhere in the world, suits your needs, then click here Wireless Digital Photo Frame Review now to read about what might be a better fit for your purposes.

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