The Sony 10 inch digital photo frame, just like its Sony 8” Digital Photo Frame sibling, has the same sleek Sony styling.  Likewise, the backlit Sony logo can optionally be turned off on this frame as well.   Crisp detail accompanies vibrant color to breathe life into your treasured memories of family and friends as if you experienced them yesterday.

10 inch digital photo frame10 inch digital photo frame

Model: Sony DPF-D101010 inch digital photo frame
Resolution: 800 x 480
Internal Memory: 128 MB
Image Transfer: MS, MS Duo, SD, SDHC, USB, Mini-USB->Frame
Formats: Aspect Ratio 16:10, JPEG, TIFF, BMP
Extras: Remote Control, Auto Image Orientation, Calendar/Clock, Backlit Sony Logo on/off

10 Inch Digital Photo Frame | Best In Class

If you don't like reading manuals you can simply put your camera's memory card directly into this 10 inch digital photo frame and the pictures will automatically start showing in the same order they were shot.  Nothing could be simpler, and you can do this right out of the box.

If you like tinkering with features many more options open up once you load your photos into the 10 inch digital photo frame's internal memory.  Store images into internal memory directly from a memory stick or via mini-USB cable connected to your computer (cable not included with model).  

Set a timer for the frame to turn itself on and off at preset times of the day.  A thumbnail index view lets you quickly choose the right photo for today's display, or you can set up a random shuffle or a slideshow.

Select from up to nine slideshow transition effects, or let the frame choose one at random between each slide.  Set a delay between photos from settings ranging from 3 seconds to 24 hours.  Choose full image display, or allow the frame to fit the photo to the display.  Optionally choose from up to 14 clock/calendar designs to include in the playback.

This 10 inch digital photo frame remembers the slide show position when you switch off the power.  When you turn it back on the frame simply picks up where it left off.   Whether you position the frame long side horizontally or long side vertically, it auto-orientates images to display correctly.

Over ninety percent of Amazon's reviewers of the Sony 10 inch digital photo frame awarded 4 stars or higher.

10 inch Digital Photo Frame | Downsides

While the product advertises enough memory to hold 200 photos, many cameras produce oversized image files, which might dramatically reduce the number of photos this frame can store.  You can work around this by photo-editing your pictures to match the frame's resolution before loading them into the frame.  In this case you can conceivably store more than the advertised number of photos without loss of quality in viewing experience.

Even though the manual lists support for the raw image format, in fact this 10 inch digital photo frame does not support this type of format.

No battery powered options; only a power cord.  This needs to be considered in terms of where you want to place the frame in your home or office.

No scheduled on/off. You must turn it on and off manually.

Editorial note: while not specifically mentioned in the reviews–not even in the few negative reviews–the 800 x 480 resolution is slightly on the low side for the 10 inch digital photo frame class. This fact, combined with all the glowing reviews could, and probably should, be taken as a validation of Sony’s expertise in the digital imaging space. Nevertheless, if raw resolution and high pixel density are your main criteria, it might be a good idea to read the Sony 8” Digital Photo Frame Review before making a decision.

10 Inch Digital Photo Frame | Summary

There is no such thing as a perfect gadget.  This is especially true when it comes to consumer electronics, and this 10 inch digital photo frame is no different.  What makes this frame stand apart is that you have to dig deep to find its drawbacks.  This explains why it is the most highly rated frame among those covered here.  It might just be the best value for the money you can find in a digital picture frame, period.  Get this one now!

Note: as of this writing, Amazon has this incorrectly listed as a 10.2” frame.  It is actually a 10 inch digital photo frame.

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