This 15” digital picture frame is what you are looking for if you want to go big.  The Nix is a classy, simple, sleek frame with a good amount of extras to go with it. It is a high power digital picture frame with 1 GB of internal memory and the ability to insert external memory cards as needed.

15 digital photo frame15 digital photo frame

Model: NIX N' EASY X15A15 digital photo frame
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Internal Memory: 1 GB
Image Transfer: SD, SDHC, Sony MS, Sony Pro Duo (with adapter), USB Flash Drive
Formats: Aspect Ratio 4:3, JPEG (photo), MPEG-4/AVI (video) and MP3 (music)
Extras: Video, music, remote Control, Wall Mountable, Split Display Function, Photo Shuffle, Variable Slideshow Timer

Noteworthy Features

NIX's 15” digital photo frame not only shows photos, but plays video and music as well. Use the split screen option to view multiple photos at once, or utilize it along with the calendar function. Control your viewing from a distance using the compact remote included with the frame.

15 digital photo frame15 digital photo frame remote control

A power adapter is included, and the frame has a built in timer to turn it on and off at specified times allowing you to display your images at your will. The large internal memory holds a lot of your photos and the easy to use navigation controls plus plug-and-play abilities makes adding photos quick and easy.

The life-like display has excellent brightness and is true to color. This is a big 15 digital photo frame, so it easily catches the attention of viewers up to 25 feet away; the clear images really pull you in. A new combo feature that allows you to put specified photos, video, and music into a single folder enables you to set the mood by simply changing the prearranged folders.

A thinner frame around the viewing area allows a nice contrast for the photos without being over bearing. The frame itself comes included with an adjustable stand allowing you to set the perfect angle, as well as a sturdy wall mount so you can place the frame almost anywhere to suit your needs. Simply plug in your memory card or upload files directly from your computer and you are ready to go.

Over seventy five percent of Amazon's reviewers of the NIX N' EASY X15A digital photo frame awarded 4 stars or better.

Noteworthy Downsides

Cannot play HD video.

The speakers are rather small, so don't expect in-theater sound quality.

Photo resizing in the frame results in satisfying picture quality, but for some it is too slow.  As a result, some owners resize their photo collection to a 1024 x 768 resolution before uploading them to the frame.

The FAQ on their website is more accurate than the manual that comes with the frame.  With any conflicting information, rely on the FAQ.

Do not unplug the frame from the computer source or turn it off while uploading photos.  Doing so can cause loss of the stored photos, and in some cases has damaged the internal memory. This caution is in the manual, but it's worth emphasizing here.  This risk can be avoided by using memory cards instead of a direct connection to your computer.

15” Digital Photo Frame Summary

In the big 15 inch class, this frame has a full menu of features.  It hits high marks in the important categories: big, beautiful, smartly designed, and with high enough resolution to raise the pixel density to accomodate its large display size.  This 15” digital photo frame renders the reviewers' photos brilliantly, and it will do the same for yours too.

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