This 7” digital photo frame is easy to set up and use quickly.   A high pixel density per square inch results from the 800 x 600 resolution in this smallish frame.  The result is stunning, crisp, and beautiful images.   Photos display well at an angle, and even in direct sunlight.

7 digital photo frame

Model: HP 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame
Resolution: 800 x 600
Internal Memory: Undocumented, but estimated at around 12 MB
Image Transfer: USB flash drive, SD, SDHC cards
Formats: Aspect Ratio 4:3
Extras: Remote control, clock and calendar overly, schedule on/off automatically

7” Digital Photo Frame | Best In Class

Surprisingly, for such a highly rated frame, HP doesn't disclose the memory.  Reviewer estimates about 12MB.   Probably about enough to store 40 – 50 photos, depending on size.  Optionally display pictures right from a flash drive. This virtually expands the frame's memory up to the capacity of the card.

This 7” digital photo frame's interface supports multiple languages.  It  resizes photos to fit within the frame.  Choose slideshow or random shuffle.  Pick from several transition effects.  Black or white mat surrounds your photos.  Set a schedule for the frame to turn on and off.

Over eighty percent of Amazon's reviewers of the HP 7” digital photo frame awarded 4 stars or better.

7” Digital Photo Frame | Downsides

Whatever display duration is chosen also sets the wait time before showing the first picture.  That's ok, if you set the duration to one minute.  However, a one hour delay results from setting a one hour duration.

It doesn't detect or rotate images from portrait to landscape.  You'll need to do your own photo editing for any corrections.

It needs a direct AC power source.  This might require creative positioning to hide the power cord.

Transfering photos to internal memory requires an action by you, once per each photo.  There is no transfer everything option.

7” Digital Photo Frame | Summary

A little quirky, but with a gorgeous display, it has the essential options and is very affordable.  A good choice for a desk or coffee table, and other areas for near distance viewing.  Buying two and giving one away as a gift would be a great idea for HP's 7” digital photo frame.

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