Nix's 8 inch digital photo frame's high resolution black frame will impress you with its sleek good looks at the very first glance.  The 4:3 aspect ratio makes for hardly any distortion of photos in either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) view.  There is a handy crop option available on the menu if needed.

8 inch digital photo frame8 digital photo frame

Model: NIX X08C8 inch digital photo frame
Resolution: 800 x 600
Internal Memory: None
Image Transfer: USB, SD/SDHC Cards
Formats: Aspect Ratio 4:3, JPEG, .AVI (Video), MPEG-4(Video), MP3(Music)
Extras: Music, video, remote control, auto rotate sensor, motion sensor, split screen option, LED backlit screen

8 Inch Digital Photo Frame | Best In Class

This 8 inch digital photo frame also resizes photos automatically depending on which side is touching a surface, so landscape photos can be viewed easily when the frame is laying horizontally.  The inner Auto Rotate Sensor orients itself automatically and ensures a viewable photo without turning the frame or your head.

8 inch digital photo frame8 inch digital photo frame

Internal Memory Not Included

The NIX 8 inch digital photo frame has a SVGA LCD high resolution screen with LED backlighting, making your photos clear and bright.  Images can also be viewed side by side using the split screen menu option for a unique view.  

The free standing frame uses an embedded telescoping backrest that can be gently pulled away from the frame with your fingernail and the remote makes it easy to operate from across the room.   

The onscreen menus are easy to follow and a detailed instruction booklet is included.  If you have setup questions, NIX’s technical support team is fast and professional and is ready to assist you.

You can feed photos into the NIX 8 inch digital photo frame with either an SD /SDHC card, or attach a USB drive.

If the frame on its own doesn’t make you fall in love, these extra features will.  The NIX 8 inch digital photo frame doesn’t just showcase photos beautifully – it also plays music and video!  Compatible with MP3 audio files as well as MPEG-4 and .AVI video files, you can hear your favorite music, or view a favorite TV episode from your USB drive.
The speakers give clear sound, and buyers of the NIX 8 inch digital photo frame can also use external speakers for a richer sound.

The NIX 8 inch digital photo frame’s highlight feature is the Hu-Motion sensor, which shuts off until it senses movement nearby, then it resumes its last task.  This technology is called Hu-Motion.

Nearly eighty percent of Amazon's reviewers of the NIX8 inch digital photo frame awarded 4 stars or better; just enough to overtake our former best in this class, the Sony 8" Digital Photo Frame, by a hair.

8 Inch Digital Photo Frame | Downsides

Attaching The Stand Without Breaking It

Here is how to attach a stand onto a NIX Hu-Motion Digital Photo Frame. There are two different sized models and this applies to both – 8″ and 12″ models.

The NIX 8 inch digital photo frame has an attached cord and is not mobile.  

It has no internal memory, so your photos will need to be loaded onto an SD card or USB drive.  

If you prefer viewing photos in portrait view, some USB drives may prevent you from standing the frame up.

USB drives may also be visible when attached to the NIX 8 inch digital photo frame, but artfully arranged candles or a frame grouping may solve that problem.

8 Inch Digital Photo Frame | Summary

Usually only found on high-end frames, audio, video and motion-sensing on/off are all quite rare in the 8 inch digital photo frame class. If you’re in the market for a competitively priced 8 inch digital photo frame with a few high-end extras, look no further than NIX’s 8 inch digital photo frame. Click below to snap this up now!

Artists and salespeople can use the compact and feature packed frame as a professional sales tool, displaying a portfolio or look book as you meet potential buyers.

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