Helpful strategy hacks for winning clash royale battle

Hello everyone, today I will be sharing with you five tips I’ve come up with to help you win more battles in Clash Royale. These tips should help you get larger wins, giving you chests faster. This game is based a lot on strategy and decisiveness in the midst of the battle. So getting an edge on your opponents is sure to help you out tons. These tips should also push you up in arena rank allowing you to get better cards you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Let’s get into it!

Hacking clash royale game

Manage Your Battle Decks – One of the most important things in hacking Clash Royale is setting up a deck that works well with your play style, has a wide array of troops, and can counter most cards that people will play against you in the game. The main tip here is to have three different deck setups that you can test out and see which works best with your play style and arena rank. A big part of your deck is also variety, this means having high and low cost elixir troops. Further than this in variety is having air troops, land troops, air defense, and defensive buildings. Having two air troops, two defense, two tank, and two low cost troops usually works well for a starting point. Playing with the deck more will help you fine tune it to your liking.

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Avoid Being The First To Attack – A major key to winning more battles in Clash Royale is starting the battle correctly. This means taking a look at what cards you’ve been dealt in your beginning hand and thinking out how you could play them. This also ties into not attacking first. By not attacking first this gives you the immediate opportunity to take his troops out and gain an elixir advantage. For example if someone comes in and rushes a giant into battle, you could spawn goblins for half the cost of the giant and quickly take it out, putting you at an advantage of two to three elixir at the start of the game. Letting the elixir bar fill up and countering your opponents first attack will nine times out of ten put you at an elixir advantage in the early stages of the game. This happens because you start off knowing what troops will be played, knowing the cards you have, and being able to use this to manage your elixir in a smart way and put yourself in a good position to counter attack and take out a tower quickly.


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