The eagle wood carving was shot with a Sony Digital Camera during a breathtakingly gorgeous Vancouver summer day atop Grouse Mountain.  The eagle is a permanent resident there.  She is only one of an impressive collection of larger than life wood carvings on display at the park known as The Peak of Vancouver.

The photo editing software was Adobe's.  The eagle's photo was cropped, color-enhanced, light-corrected, and framed by a graphical fabrication, made possible using Adobe's Photoshop Elements edition.

The graphical components of the image on the home page were then dissasembled, given different rotations, reassembled, and resized for web-publishing, to produce the image you see on the right.

All efforts were made trivial using Sony's superb expertise in digital optics, and Adobe's powerful photo editing software.  Photo editing time invested, from start to finish, was under thirty minutes.  Finally, a powerful Adobe edition that is priced both for the everyday as well as the casual user.  Get it today!

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