The Sony 8 inch digital photo frame is sleek and elegantly understated, in typical Sony styling.  The backlit Sony logo can optionally be turned off to emphasize the understated style even further.

sony 8 digital photo framesony 8 digital photo frame

Model: Sony DPF-D810sony 8 digital photo frame
Resolution: 800 x 600
Internal Memory: 128 MB ( 60 MB Available for Photo Storage )
Image Transfer: MS, MS Duo, SD, SDHC, USB, Mini-USB->Frame
Formats: Aspect Ratio 4:3, JPEG, TIFF, BMP
Extras: Remote Control, Auto Image Orientation, Calendar/Clock, Backlit Sony Logo on/off

Noteworthy Features

The Sony 8” digital photo frame renders vividly beautiful, deeply saturated and richly colored images.  Fast; nearly instantaneous image display.  Choose full image display, or allow the frame to crop large pictures that don't fit the screen.  Even low-resolution images, while predictably appearing a bit grainy, render surprisingly better than you'd expect.  Whether you position the frame long side horizontally or long side vertically, it auto-orientates images to display correctly.

Store images into internal memory directly from a memory stick or via USB cable connected to your computer (cable not included with model).  Internal memory stores about 150 high resolution images.  Optionally running slideshow directly from plug-in memory virtually expands your memory up to the capacity of your memory card.

Manually advance to the next image using remote or on-frame controls. Set from up to ten slide show intervals ranging from 3 seconds to 24 hours.  Choose from up to six slideshow transition effects. Mix and match intervals with transition effects.

Over seventy percent of Amazon's reviewers awarded 5 stars.  The most noted features were the programmable features and the quality of the picture; however, all areas ranked highly.

Noteworthy Downsides

On-frame controls on the back are tiny and very clumsy to operate.  This almost makes the remote essential equipment.  Since all features are accessible using the remote, this failing is rather easy to overcome.

Resets all user settings to manufacturer's defaults when powered off.  Not typically an issue if you load images by memory card, or alternatively, keep the frame in proximity of your computer if you don't have memory cards.

No apparent way to influence ordering of photos in slideshow.

Sony 8” Digital Photo Frame Summary

The Sony’s 8 inch digital picture frame is loaded with features that are uncommon for other frames in this class.  After you buy one you'll wish you had bought two.  Don't wait to get your Sony 8” digital photo frame.

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