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The Sony 10 inch digital photo frame, just like its Sony 8” Digital Photo Frame sibling, has the same sleek Sony styling.  Likewise, the backlit Sony logo can optionally be turned off on this frame as well.   Crisp detail accompanies vibrant color to breathe life into your treasured memories of family and friends as if you experienced them yesterday.

10 inch digital photo frame10 inch digital photo frame

Model: Sony DPF-D101010 inch digital photo frame
Resolution: 800 x 480
Internal Memory: 128 MB
Image Transfer: MS, MS Duo, SD, SDHC, USB, Mini-USB->Frame
Formats: Aspect Ratio 16:10, JPEG, TIFF, BMP
Extras: Remote Control, Auto Image Orientation, Calendar/Clock, Backlit Sony Logo on/off

10 Inch Digital Photo Frame | Best In Class

If you don't like reading manuals you can simply put your camera's memory card directly into this 10 inch digital photo frame and the pictures will automatically start showing…

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This 15” digital picture frame is what you are looking for if you want to go big.  The Nix is a classy, simple, sleek frame with a good amount of extras to go with it. It is a high power digital picture frame with 1 GB of internal memory and the ability to insert external memory cards as needed.

15 digital photo frame15 digital photo frame

Model: NIX N' EASY X15A15 digital photo frame
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Internal Memory: 1 GB
Image Transfer: SD, SDHC, Sony MS, Sony Pro Duo (with adapter), USB Flash Drive
Formats: Aspect Ratio 4:3, JPEG (photo), MPEG-4/AVI (video) and MP3 (music)
Extras: Video, music, remote Control, Wall Mountable, Split Display Function, Photo Shuffle, Variable Slideshow Timer

Noteworthy Features

NIX's 15” digital photo frame not only shows photos, but plays video and music as well. Use the split screen option to view multiple photos…

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As Featured On EzineArticles There are many options when choosing which feature to begin searching for in your new digital picture frame. Display size is probably the most appropriate starting point. Whether you want it mounted over the fireplace, standing on a coffee table, or carried in your pocket are important questions to ask yourself. Form and fit are prime considerations.

Keep in mind that the digital picture frame's physical dimensions are going to be larger than the stated display size. How much larger depends on the style and design of the model. You won't want to use the display size as a precise measure to determine whether it will fit into that nook in your bookshelf.

Display size is the diagonal measure of the viewable area of the screen. It is the same measure as with a television or computer screen. The frame surrounding…

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The 10.1 inch Pandigital digital photo frame is an unobtrusive stylish black frame, with two interchangeable mats, designed to fit into any home.  It displays thousands of images, about 2,500, in enjoyable slideshows and helps you get your precious memories out of your camera and into your living room.   It's very easy to set up and operate.

pandigital digital photo framePandigital digital photo frame

Model: Pandigital PanImage PI1003DWpandigital digital photo frame
Resolution: 800 x 480
Internal Memory: 512 MB
Image Transfer: SD, xD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, mini-USB->Frame (not included)
Formats: Aspect Ratio 16:10, JPEG
Extras: Remote Control, Programmable on/off, Clock/Calendar overlay

10.1 Inch Pandigital Digital Photo Frame | Best In Class

With clear picture quality, this Pandigital digital photo frame makes excellent use of available resolution using a widescreen format to show your photos at their best.  All features are accessible using the on-frame controls,…

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This 7” digital photo frame is easy to set up and use quickly.   A high pixel density per square inch results from the 800 x 600 resolution in this smallish frame.  The result is stunning, crisp, and beautiful images.   Photos display well at an angle, and even in direct sunlight.

7 digital photo frame

Model: HP 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame
Resolution: 800 x 600
Internal Memory: Undocumented, but estimated at around 12 MB
Image Transfer: USB flash drive, SD, SDHC cards
Formats: Aspect Ratio 4:3
Extras: Remote control, clock and calendar overly, schedule on/off automatically

7” Digital Photo Frame | Best In Class

Surprisingly, for such a highly rated frame, HP doesn't disclose the memory.  Reviewer estimates about 12MB.   Probably about enough to store 40 – 50 photos, depending on size.  Optionally display pictures right from a flash drive. This virtually…

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Digital Picture Frame Reviews helps you find the best digital photo frame fast from among the hundreds of models out there.

digital picture frame reviewsdigital picture frame reviews

There are hundreds of models.


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Read Digital Picture Frame Reviews To Find The Right Photo Frame Quickly

There are hundreds of digital photo frame models.  For each model you can find pages of digital picture frame reviews provided by customers who already own it.  Each review gives real-life feedback on experiences with the product; both good and bad.  Reading a digital photo frame review can be extremely helpful getting a sense of available features, and which ones are important to you.  That's the good news.

The bad news is that if you're buying a gift, pressed for time, or pouring through pages of digital photo frames…

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