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As Featured On EzineArticles There are many options when choosing which feature to begin searching for in your new digital picture frame. Display size is probably the most appropriate starting point. Whether you want it mounted over the fireplace, standing on a coffee table, or carried in your pocket are important questions to ask yourself. Form and fit are prime considerations.

Keep in mind that the digital picture frame's physical dimensions are going to be larger than the stated display size. How much larger depends on the style and design of the model. You won't want to use the display size as a precise measure to determine whether it will fit into that nook in your bookshelf.

Display size is the diagonal measure of the viewable area of the screen. It is the same measure as with a television or computer screen. The frame surrounding…

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Digital Picture Frame Reviews helps you find the best digital photo frame fast from among the hundreds of models out there.

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Read Digital Picture Frame Reviews To Find The Right Photo Frame Quickly

There are hundreds of digital photo frame models.  For each model you can find pages of digital picture frame reviews provided by customers who already own it.  Each review gives real-life feedback on experiences with the product; both good and bad.  Reading a digital photo frame review can be extremely helpful getting a sense of available features, and which ones are important to you.  That's the good news.

The bad news is that if you're buying a gift, pressed for time, or pouring through pages of digital photo frames…

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