This wireless digital photo frame has its own unique e-mail address. Transfer photos quickly and easily just by sending an e-mail from your computer or cell phone. You can also load it up with photos using Kodak’s online Photo Gallery (no cost or monthly fees).

wireless digital photo framewireless digital photo frame

Model: Kodak Pulse 10 Inchwireless digital photo frame
Resolution: 800 x 600
Internal Memory: 512 MB
Image Transfer: e-Mail, PC/MAC via Photo Gallery or Facebook, USB, SD, SDHC, MMC, MS, MS PRO, MS PRO DUO, xD
Formats: Aspect Ratio 4:3, JPEG, EXIF
Extras: Unique e-Mail address, Kodak Photo Gallery, Facebook Integration, Touch-Screen Controls, Auto-Activity Sensing, Auto on/off Timer Settings

Wireless Digital Photo Frame | Best In Class

Finally, a wireless digital photo frame you can give to your parents or grandparents that you can keep loading photos into remotely even after you give it to them. The only technology they need to remember is how to turn it on!

KODAK PULSE Digital Frame / W1030S / 10 in.wireless digital photo frame

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You can set this wireless digital photo frame up to download photos from your Facebook album, as well as from your friend’s Facebook albums. How cool is that? As if that wasn’t enough, you can also load photos the old fashioned way: from your camera card, or a USB flash drive.

Commenting on photos shared to your own wireless digital photo frame is touch-screen-simple because it has a dozen of the most popular comment messages built into it; ready to send by email, or even directly to the senders Facebook account with a single touch.

Your wireless digital photo frame alerts you when it has new pictures, so you can send your comment right away. No need to log on to Facebook or email from your computer.

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Kodak Pulse 10.4-inch Digital Photo Frame Review The Kodak Pulse is not your normal run-of-the-mill digital photo frame. With so many ways to get your photos onto the device… you really need to check out the review.

Kodak made this wireless digital photo frame supremely accessible and easy to use. Out of the box, when turned on for the first time, it immediately requests your network information.

Once connected to your network, the frame gives you an activation code, and then the Kodak website is your next stop to set up your user account and the wireless digital photo frame’s email address.

After that, you and any of your friends who know the email address can load photos from anywhere in the world!

The activation code is also on the outside of the box. If you’re giving it as a gift you can use it to set up the Kodak Photo Gallery account, configure the frame’s settings and options, and load up the Photo Gallery with pictures without even opening the box! Just wrap it up and give the gift of treasured memories.

Just under seventy percent of Amazon's reviewers of the Kodak Pulse 10 Inch Wireless Digital Photo Frame awarded 4 stars or better.

Wireless Digital Photo Frame | Downsides

Managing your wireless digital photo frame’s settings and options can only be done through Kodak’s website. There’s no way to do that using just the wireless digital photo frame alone. Arguably not a downside, especially if you’re using it to manage your grandmother’s frame remotely from a different state, but it’s worth a mention. In spite of this, managing your wireless digital photo frame’s photo collection using Kodak’s on-line tools is easy and intuitive.

Photos sent to this wireless digital photo frame, or to Kodak’s Photo Gallery, take a one-way trip. There’s no way to send photos from the frame or from Photo Gallery to any other destination or device. Make sure you keep a backup copy of your photos somewhere else.

Don’t buy additional memory cards or flash drives. Unlike most digital picture frames, external camera cards and USB flash drives can only be used to transfer your photos into this wireless digital photo frame’s own internal memory. They cannot be used as a source from which to display photos directly. Basically, this means the memory is not expandable. Getting a huge external memory card will not allow this wireless digital photo frame to store or show more photos.

Auto-activity sensing is based on light and sound (not motion), and its sensitivity cannot be adjusted. Unless you sleep in a sound-proof, light-proof bedroom (and you don’t snore or toss in your sleep), you shouldn’t plan on using that feature of this wireless digital photo frame. You might find it turning itself on when all you want to do is sleep.

Scheduled on/off settings are insensitive to weekdays versus weekends. You can’t set a different time to turn on for Saturdays, for instance. Furthermore, the schedule only supports turning on and off once per day. You can’t schedule it to run for an hour before work, and then turn on again when you get home from work.

Very limited transition effect and slideshow duration choices: fade is the only transition effect, and 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and 30 minutes are your only choices for slideshow duration.

Photos with quotations in the name might not load into Kodak’s Photo Gallery at times, but this seems to be intermittent.

The frame has to be plugged in to operate. It doesn’t run on batteries.

No remote control.

Cannot be wall-mounted.

Wireless Digital Photo Frame | Summary

Every so often a new idea comes along that makes you think differently about how things ought to be. This wireless digitial photo frame from Kodak is one of those ideas. There’s nothing really new from a technological standpoint. It’s all familiar stuff; just assembled in a new and very innovative way; a way that makes you slap your forehead and ask, “Why aren’t all digital picture frames built this way?”

There are digital photo frames with higher resolution, more options, and there are certainly those with fewer quirks and downsides. Still, this frame does the one thing well that makes it easy to overlook everything else: it utterly eliminates once and for all the complexity and tedium of sharing your precious memories with those dear to you. It does this elegantly, and regardless of how technologically adept anyone might or might not be. That one thing puts this wireless digital photo frame into a class of its own. Click below to buy this now!

Note: Both Kodak and Amazon list this model somewhat imprecisely as a “10 inch” frame. 10.4 inches is the actual diagonal measure of the display area of this wireless digital photo frame.

Kodak Cameras Make It Even Easier To Share!

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